Hitman 2 Inflatable Duck

To celebrate the launch of the video game HITMAN 2. We fabricated a 8 metre tall inflatable which we installed at Paris Games week 2018 and also at Gamescity 2018 in Vienna.

North Hertfordshire Museum

North Hertfordshire Museum is a brand new museum next door to the completely refurbished Town Hall in Hitchin.

Nicholas Alexander fitted the museum out with Corian clad joinery to house a number of display cases and exhibits. The internal structures and Corian cladding were all 3D CAD modeled by our in house design team and pre fabricated in our workshop to be taken to site for installation.

Also fabricated were a range of complex interactive exhibits and their intricate internal mechanisms. These interactive mechanisms performed a range of exciting processes for members of the public to engage with.

Some of these included:

Biggin House
A model of Hitchin’s Biggin House where visitors looked through the window to see four 360 degree rotating interior scenes. Each scene triggers an AV file which then projected into the interior using holographic film.

A large pharmacy counter which lit up different sections of the human body and remedy’s when users triggered certain objects or opened the drawers.

Matching Pairs
A pair of graphic drum displays which rotated to reveal different illustrations. Once aligned correctly the correct answer would be illuminated.

Lagavulin 360 Sensory Booth

The challenge was to help Lagavulin celebrate 200 years of distilling the finest whisky in a new and innovative way, whilst being authentic and true to its core values and heritage.

Working with sensory experts, Condiment Junkies, together with the Lagavulin team, the 360º Experience barrel was designed fabricated at the Nicholas Alexander workshop in London.

This giant barrel hosts a unique experience! It brings Islay and the experience of a visit to the distillery to life for people around the world in an innovative and special way.

This immersive tasting experience transports guests around the Island of Islay, Lagavulin Bay and the distillery itself through sound, aroma and 360º footage, while sampling a range of drams from the Lagavulin family.

Mr Foggs Mechanical Mixologist

Working with Rouge projects the idea to create a mechanical mixologist which we could bring to life was an exciting opportunity. The mixologist is a combination of processes which automates the pouring of the perfect Negroni. The project was installed in Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration in Covent Garden, London.

The machine automatically moves an ice cube and glass through a range of motions which then rotates a wheel of ingredients in order to pour the user a Negroni cocktail.

Here’s a video of the build process, courtesy of the Inception Group and Rogue Projects.

Erith Lighthouse

Erith Lighthouse is a pavilion on the Thames at Erith, designed to host a series of events throughout Summer 2017.

Designed by architects, DK-CM, Nicholas Alexander was able to deliver a process to take the design to a complete fabrication an install.  With the structure made of theatrical rigging clad in coloured polycarbonate sheet, the building was a distinctive and colourful presence on the riverfront.

Tesco ‘Devour’

To celebrate Tescos 20th anniversary of their Finest* range Nicholas Alexander produced a sensory exhibition for BBH and Bompas & Parr in Shoreditch London.

We built 6 spaces which guests moved through, each of these rooms different rooms were based on Tesco Finest* products and had a specific theme.

We created a range of exciting and interactive elements throughout the exhibition, some the the highlights include a sculpture from 200 stainless steel balls, a geodesic mirror maze lit by salt rocks, an interactive mushroom log that reacted to a users touch, and a neon wall which pulsated selected colours.

Heres a behind the scenes video by Bompas and Parr on the build:

DEVOUR behind the scenes from Stephanie Flynn on Vimeo.

Mechanical Chocolatier

We were invited with creating a chocolate themed Rube Goldberg machine, so we looked at the world of the artisan Chocolatier, and thought about how chocolate flows.

This machine takes inspiration from the Chocolatiers counter, and processes bars of chocolate into a fine grated powder for maximum flavour when tasting.

Featuring 300 chrome steel bearings, running around two lifts and several different mechanisms, it creates a mechanical world of sounds, movements and all set on a chocolate base.

The machine was installed in the Harbour City mall in Hong Kong where it stayed for a month during the chocolate festival.

The Slide

Working with the virtual reality masterminds who are Happy Finish, Nicholas Alexander fabricated the structure for their “The Slide” experience to be placed on the 72nd viewing platform of the Shard.

The design consisted of a laminated plywood seat which was formed right here in our workshop and mounted to their motion platform.

PG Tips Monkey

Working with PR agency W, we created the statue!
Made out of a total of 110,486 plastic leaves and as tall as a two-storey building, we ferried it from Tilbury Dock in Essex down the Thames.

The stunt is aiming to raise awareness of a ‘green paper’ report to be published by PG tips to promote its green tea project, which will detail how it has “identified the presence of green, from workspaces to living room walls, as having a direct impact on boosting positivity and productivity due to the primal association with nature and open spaces”,

Museum of Making

In collaboration with White Arkitekter, The Museum of Making is one of the site-specific pavilions for the 2016 Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

Located on St John’s Square and visible from Clerkenwell Road, The Museum of Making was at the centre of the festival, which celebrates the significance of Clerkenwell – home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else in the world – as a major design hub.

The Museum of Making was made out of Equitone cladding panels arranged in sections to create an open yet sheltered space to bring people together.

Drawing on Clerkenwell’s rich history of craft and industry, it was an active space showcasing the sensorial and social qualities of making. Workshops and demonstrations programmed by curator Pete Collard allowed local residents and festival visitors to meet, mend, and exchange knowledge and services.