Grensons G Lab

We worked with designer Helen Hughes to create bespoke display tables for the pop-up G Lab in Libertys. The tables were powder coated steel frames with a HiMacs top, each with a unique direct print describing the Grensons shoes concept.


We worked with Studio Xag to create a series of 4 animated shop window displays and a pop-up store for Christian Louboutin in Selfridges. We built a zoetrope of counterbalanced, rotating legs as the main piece, as well as cladding various display stands and cabinets for the interior and cutting bespoke anniversary archways. We worked in partnership with Studio Xag on the whole project – our team created the structures and various mechanisms based on their design, and they produced the graphics and artwork with Verve Display. Our 2 install teams came together at the end to fit the whole project.

We were delighted to find out that part of the installation, a pair of mechanical scissoring legs, was then chosen for display at the Design Museum as part of a Louboutin retrospective.


We worked with Softroom on this great project for Wahaca, developing a system which used 9000 recycled bottles to create a floating ceiling raft to act as a lighting cloud. We produced 2 of these undulating structures to hang above the main dining space and provide ambient light. We also worked on some bespoke cast wash hand basin toughs for the loos. These were cast in jesmonite and then tiled with beautiful hand glazed Spanish tiles.

We are lucky to have worked on various Wahaca projects in the past, with another in the pipeline…details yet to be announced!

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Nicholas Alexander collaborated with Levy Restaurants to design a functional scheme for Space 5, one of five pop-up bars at this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ceremony.

Our design was a study in efficiency, celebration and approachability. Having been given the brief of housing the food preparation for the evening, it was important to create a space which showcased and celebrated not only the materials but the work going on and made it easy for those working inside to create the spectacular food on offer on the night. The design team were also focussed on creating a ‘hub’ area – something which guests on the night felt drawn to approach, enjoy and gather around.

Nicholas Alexander used the Box to define space within the larger courtyard area. The organization of the space is a breakdown of 3 intersecting cubes which reduce in material volume and density at each step. This results in a series of voids an openings where the activities and production inside are framed and celebrated.

The main material was provided by Lathams – Dendrolight panelling which is an innovative timber product with a latticed core providing excellent structural capability for its size and weight. We chose to work on a ribbed structure to further express the materiality of the object through displaying and celebrating this core.

Giving Space 5 drama and heightened experience was very important and to do this, we worked with two lighting companies. We used LED light sheet from Applelec to create simple but beautiful furniture, and Firefly Lighting worked on the main structure to enhance the form. Overall, Space 5 formed a central meeting point for the awards, a space where guests gathered, discussed and appreciated the great quality food, skill and design on show throughout the evening.

Nottingham Playhouse Castle

We really enjoyed this project as it allowed us to play about with programming arduinos to create an interactive lighting system as well as a great looking festive installation! The lights in the castle turn off in a sequence as you turn the crank handle – all a promotional tool for Eon to discuss how much energy we waste in our homes.

Box Script

Our parametric script written in grasshopper was originally designed to help manufacture 50 or so unique seating boxes for Blue Rubicon. The script lays out CNC cut paths to any given dimensions. The system adds all the edge tabs, dog bone corners and material tolerances in order for the components to be assembled accurately after cutting. It has turned out to be quite a useful tool used on various projects as it means no more drawing is required saving time and money.

Memory Lane Films

We realised the company logo of independent event film makers Memory Lane Films as a birthday present for the director, Tom. The signpost sits within its own base which will be used to display business cards at future trade events.