PG Tips Monkey

Working with PR agency W, we created the statue!
Made out of a total of 110,486 plastic leaves and as tall as a two-storey building, we ferried it from Tilbury Dock in Essex down the Thames.

The stunt is aiming to raise awareness of a ‘green paper’ report to be published by PG tips to promote its green tea project, which will detail how it has “identified the presence of green, from workspaces to living room walls, as having a direct impact on boosting positivity and productivity due to the primal association with nature and open spaces”,

Godiva 90th Anniversary

For Godiva’s 90th anniversary, the Nicholasalexander’s team and Condiment Junkie delivered the most comprehensive multi-sensory event ever created.

From the moment guests received their invitation, their journey had begun. Every guest was sent a ‘shard’ of a giant artwork in a brand-scented chocolate box, with intriguing instructions on the reverse. Upon arrival they placed their piece on a giant jigsaw. The shards came together to form a giant Oli-B artwork. Through this act, every guest became part of the experience. They each received a replica shard of real chocolate as they left the event.

From the coach journey, to the entrance, to the goodie bags guests left with; every element of the event was sensorially branded using sound, scent, colour and material.

The evening unfolded over three layers. The first layer celebrated the heritage of the brand and the art of the chocolatiers. A central bar featured live displays from the brand chefs. An aroma organ engaged guests with the many ingredients Godiva’s chef-chocolatiers use to create their amazing pieces.

The second layer celebrated a chocolate from each decade of the brand’s journey in an immersive sensory experience. Five ‘chocolate boxes’ and three ‘truffle domes’ each featured a unique sensory environment designed specifically for that piece.

The final layer celebrated innovation and premiered Godiva’s new flavour, ‘Rose and Raspberry’. The entire room was dedicated to enhancing the flavours and communicating the inspiration behind the piece. Guests were treated to a three-course meal designed in collaboration with the two Michelin star chef Christoph Hardiquest. Each course had an accompanying soundscape, scent and film projected onto a screen the entire width of the room – 10m wide. It was possibly the most immersive Michelin-starred meal ever created.

Every element of the event is scaleable and can be activated throughout Godiva’s retail outlets, cafés and global travel experiences.

All of the elements fabricated at the Nicholas Alexander workshop in London and then installed in Brussels in only 24 hours. Complicated structures, rare materials and technologies were used to realise the PR concept.

The result was excellent!

The London Coffee Festival

We were delighted to to install this great looking coffee bar for Baileys at the London Coffee Festival, housed in the Truman Brewery by Brick Lane. The structure was cut on our CNC machine and built in our workshop to then be painted and stained by our team of amazing finishers and installed over one day. The bar featured a wheel of fortune style ‘spin a baileys’ wheel, where participants were able to spin in order to have a chance at trying a baileys inspired coffee, the stylish logo and typography seen on the wheel was also cut on our CNC machine in gold dia-bond. The stand proved very popular during the festival, so unfortunately there was nothing left for us to drink when we arrived to take it down!


eBay 20th Birthday cake

In celebration of eBay’s 20th birthday, we ferried  a giant birthday cake down the Thames! The two tier cake on a foil tray base came complete with eBay coloured icing and even illuminated candles. Built discreetly in Tilbury docks, it then floated up the river to where eBay were hosting a party. Unfortunately the cake was made from MDF and ply, so employees weren’t able to tuck in to what looked like a delicious birthday cake!

Coca Cola Ball Exchange

Working once more with M&C Saatchi we created a structure that was erected on Potters Field Park, Tower Bridge. Coca Cola marked its sponsorship ahead of the Rugby World Cup 2015 with a ball exchange event asking Londoners to trade in their usual summer sports balls for a rugby ball. There were 1000 balls up for grabs on the day, and 1,000,000 over the whole event!

The MDF structure was cut and finished in our workshop and installed overnight, the event ran throughout the day and was dismantled that evening. The shape of the structure mimicked  a rugby ball, using perspex on the front of the counters and graphic elements along the top section. Participants were able to see the balls that had been exchanged along with a bungee cage housed inside the structure. Some lucky guests had their balls signed by the rugby stars!

Photo: @CocaCola_GB

Nyetimber Bar

Portsmouth is now home to the Landrover Ben Ainslie Racing America’s Cup sailing team after they were granted funding from the government and planning approval from the council.

Landrover Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) is now a permanent base and visitors’ centre at The Camber in Old Portsmouth, finished in time for a British challenge for the 35th America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in international sport, which has never been won by a UK team.

We worked with Made Thought to create the main bar on the top floor of the visitors’ centre.

Branded Nyetimber, it is an oval structure with wooden curved fins that slot into the middle room of the bar. Clear acrylic has been used for shelves, white acrylic letters for the Nyetimber logo, Corian and brass for the emblems around the bar counter and spotlights in between each fin, shining upwards to illuminate the bottles from below.

The end result was amazing !


Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Nicholas Alexander worked with Thrsxty to create to design a functional scheme to launch of Hibiki Japanese Harmony.

The aim of the progect was to create an authentic Japanese cultural context to establish deeper understanding of the Hibiki Brand and the House of Suntory Whisky.

The bar proved very popular during the weekend, so unfortunately there was nothing left for us to drink when we arrived to take it down!