Cricket Barge

We worked with Australian company Elite Sports to create a unique floating cricket pitch on the Thames last week.

Five of the Australian cricket team were in town to train for the upcoming Ashes and use the promotional event to drum up further support ahead of the series.

Our role was to take the concept and initial design layout from drawing to reality. Thankfully we know a bit about floating stunts on the Thames so this wasn’t too tricky, even in the short timescale we had to work with! We delivered all the pitch elements in a one-day site build, right down to the flags. Thankfully the rain held off and everyone was happy!

Mobile Orchard

Our army of amazing volunteers are doing a sterling job helping us create the ambitious Mobile Orchard for the City of London Festival and Atmos studio. The laminated branch sections are being bolted up now – next step, trunk!

Grensons G Lab

We worked with designer Helen Hughes to create bespoke display tables for the pop-up G Lab in Libertys. The tables were powder coated steel frames with a HiMacs top, each with a unique direct print describing the Grensons shoes concept.